Vintage Bullet Bra

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When you are actually searching for a vintage bullet bra, two ideas come to mind.  The first is that you really want an antique, worn bullet bra.  The second is that you just want to see what a vintage bullet bra looks like.

Let us focus on the first.   If you are actually looking for a worn vintage bullet bra you may be in for quite the surprise when you receive it, if you can even find one.  The older bullet bras are worn out and will not usually give you that torpedo like look that a bullet bra would normally give.

Many people want the real thing and that is why they search for vintage bullet bras, but if you want the real look that a bullet bra gives, you may have to look at newer models.  There are companies today that make bullet bras that look just like a vintage bullet bra.

There is no need to buy a worn out item that won’t give you that voluptuous look.  If you compare any old time photo of a vintage bullet bra to one of today’s manufacturers of the bullet bra, you will find that they come quite close to the originals.

Just like anything vintage however, the newer bullet bras are not the original bullet bra but if it is the look you are going for the older bullet bra in most cases simply will not do.

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