Sheer Bullet Bra

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If you thought the bullet bra was sexy wait until you have purchased and worn a sheer bullet bra. Constructed from sheer material with the fit and figure enhancing properties that are the same as those of all a bullet bra.  The sheer fabric gives it a decidedly decadent edge!

As the bullet bra is a particularly 1950s style, you may be wondering whether sheer fabrics were used in this way back then. The answer is ‘yes’, though they would often be mixed with opaque fabrics, for example, satin at the bottom of the cup and a sheer top. Therefore, they may not have been called a sheer bullet bra, but none the less they were there!

The sheer bullet bra gives that extra edge of sexiness you want it the average bullet bra is not enough.  The sheer bullet bra still has the great features of a bullet bra, such as the torpedo shape, but provides that extra element of sexiness.  Just like other bras, the sheer bullet bra is made of sheer material through which the woman’s nipples are usually visible.

Whether you are a current bullet bra owner or not, I would highly recommend a sheer bullet bra for yourself and your partner!

Click Here To See The Sheer Bullet Bra

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