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The Open Tip Bullet Bra hails an earlier era while not engaging in 1950s innocence. It looks just like one of the bras that a poodle skirt-wearing woman may wear with one important difference: the open tip allows the nipples to peek out.

Open tip bullet bras come in a variety of colors and styles, as well as those bullet bra look whose retro looks blend with modern day sultriness. Open tip bullet bras work well under just about any top.

An open tip bullet bra has cups which cover the breasts, but have exposed holes around the nipples. These kinds of bullet bras do not give the underside of the breasts much support.  They are typically used by women who are looking for a more natural look, and a necessity to add to your sexual experience.

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If you like a little sneak peek with your lingerie, open tip bullet bra is a good option. They provide the wearer with a bit of a thrill each time they’re worn. Not only that, but in the bedroom, these bras offer something extra, something that your partner might not expect! Instead of your usual bra, imagine the reaction you’ll get when you unsheathe a bra that’s slightly more…revealing.

There is nothing more sexy when you take off your shirt in front of your partner to reveal that open tip bullet bra.  Many people wear a bullet bra for daily wear and then wear the open tip bullet bra for those special times.

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  1. Jane T says:

    I Love to wwear my open cup bra as much as possible.Also my daughter and niece love to wear them too. Both open tip and cup.

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