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Many questions have arisen about the bullet brassiere.  The main one being is it the same as a bullet bra.  The answer is yes.  The actual definition of brassiere is “a woman’s undergarment for covering and supporting the breasts often shortened to bra.

Since the bullet brassiere is the same as the bullet bra, I will simply touch on some things that have already been mentioned in this site about the bullet bra.  First a little history about the bullet brassiere from Wikipedia:

“The Second World War had a major impact on clothing. Military women of lower rank were fitted with uniform underwear. Advertising appealed to both patriotism and the concept that bras and girdles were somehow ‘protection’.  Military terminology, such as the highly structured conically pointed Torpedo or Bullet (or even Cone) brassiere started to appear in the 1940-50s, designed for ‘maximum projection’. A new image was the Sweater Girl, a busty and wholesome ‘girl next door’ whose tight fitting outer garments accentuated her artificially enhanced curves, while under and outer wires appeared. Sweater Girls often wore bullet brassieres.”

The bullet brassiere although the style went out long ago, is now coming back into style big time.  Ever since Madonna sported a bullet brassiere on one of her tours, sales for bullet brassieres have gone up.

Getting yourself a bullet bra is probably one of the sexiest things you can do.  If you are not comfortable wearing a bullet brassiere under your clothes and out in public, it will at least spice of your love life.

If you are one that is looking to be unique with your lingerie getting an open tip bullet bra or bullet brassiere is a very sexy move.  It will excite your partner when you take off your top and get that extra piece of skin peeking out.  The look on their face when they see you in your bullet brassiere will be priceless.

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