Bullet Bras – The History


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Bullet bras made their first appearance around the 1940’s.  The Bullet bra is a brazier that is cone shaped and became extremely popular among Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe.  Because of the shape of bullet bras sweaters clung tightly to it and created what was known as the “Sweater Girl” look.

The bullet bra was also known as a torpedo or cone bra and was usually made of nylon.  The idea of the bra was to give women extra support and to lift the breasts.  Due to the shape of bullet bras it was assumed to have gotten the name due to war times as the cone was shaped like a torpedo or airplane.

Many women ironed their bra to make sure it had a perfect form and even at times added extra stuffing.  The fashion of the bullet bra declined in the 1960’s due to the desire of women to have a more natural look.

Bullet bras despite their loss of popularity in the 1960’s are nowadays still in demand.  One of the reasons for this was Madonna’s wearing a bullet bra during one of her tours.

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