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There have many questions about bullet bra pads and exactly what they are good for.  While some women use the pads to fill normal bra that is not really the intent of bullet bra pads.  By filling a normal bra with the pads you may get a bit of the pointy look you want but nothing like the bullet bra itself.

If you’re in between sizes of a bullet bra the bullet bra pads are ideal for making your bra more pointy. They’re made from soft foam shaped into a hollow cone. They are easy to sew the pads into your bullet bra if you choose.

Usually bullet bra pads are one size fits all. Except in some occasions where the bullet bras are from: 32A, 32B and 34A. If you are a smaller size they could be trimmed to fit but you would have to sew around the rough edges for a neat finish.

Bullet Bra Pads can be essential if you do not fill the bullet bra out just right. Bullet Bras by their construction are quite rigid and sometimes you will need some help to achieve that 1950 pointy look.

So if you have a bullet bra and you are still not feeling you are getting voluptuous look that you want, invest in some bullet bra pads, you will not regret it!

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