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Bullet Brassiere


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Many questions have arisen about the bullet brassiere.  The main one being is it the same as a bullet bra.  The answer is yes.  The actual definition of brassiere is “a woman’s undergarment for covering and supporting the breasts often shortened to bra.

Since the bullet brassiere is the same as the bullet bra, I will simply touch on some things that have already been mentioned in this site about the bullet bra.  First a little history about the bullet brassiere from Wikipedia:

“The Second World War had a major impact on clothing. Military women of lower rank were fitted with uniform underwear. Advertising appealed to both patriotism and the concept that bras and girdles were somehow ‘protection’.  Military terminology, such as the highly structured conically pointed Torpedo or Bullet (or even Cone) brassiere started to appear in the 1940-50s, designed for ‘maximum projection’. A new image was the Sweater Girl, a busty and wholesome ‘girl next door’ whose tight fitting outer garments accentuated her artificially enhanced curves, while under and outer wires appeared. Sweater Girls often wore bullet brassieres.”

The bullet brassiere although the style went out long ago, is now coming back into style big time.  Ever since Madonna sported a bullet brassiere on one of her tours, sales for bullet brassieres have gone up.

Getting yourself a bullet bra is probably one of the sexiest things you can do.  If you are not comfortable wearing a bullet brassiere under your clothes and out in public, it will at least spice of your love life.

If you are one that is looking to be unique with your lingerie getting an open tip bullet bra or bullet brassiere is a very sexy move.  It will excite your partner when you take off your top and get that extra piece of skin peeking out.  The look on their face when they see you in your bullet brassiere will be priceless.

Bullet Bra Pads


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There have many questions about bullet bra pads and exactly what they are good for.  While some women use the pads to fill normal bra that is not really the intent of bullet bra pads.  By filling a normal bra with the pads you may get a bit of the pointy look you want but nothing like the bullet bra itself.

If you’re in between sizes of a bullet bra the bullet bra pads are ideal for making your bra more pointy. They’re made from soft foam shaped into a hollow cone. They are easy to sew the pads into your bullet bra if you choose.

Usually bullet bra pads are one size fits all. Except in some occasions where the bullet bras are from: 32A, 32B and 34A. If you are a smaller size they could be trimmed to fit but you would have to sew around the rough edges for a neat finish.

Bullet Bra Pads can be essential if you do not fill the bullet bra out just right. Bullet Bras by their construction are quite rigid and sometimes you will need some help to achieve that 1950 pointy look.

So if you have a bullet bra and you are still not feeling you are getting voluptuous look that you want, invest in some bullet bra pads, you will not regret it!

Sheer Bullet Bra

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If you thought the bullet bra was sexy wait until you have purchased and worn a sheer bullet bra. Constructed from sheer material with the fit and figure enhancing properties that are the same as those of all a bullet bra.  The sheer fabric gives it a decidedly decadent edge!

As the bullet bra is a particularly 1950s style, you may be wondering whether sheer fabrics were used in this way back then. The answer is ‘yes’, though they would often be mixed with opaque fabrics, for example, satin at the bottom of the cup and a sheer top. Therefore, they may not have been called a sheer bullet bra, but none the less they were there!

The sheer bullet bra gives that extra edge of sexiness you want it the average bullet bra is not enough.  The sheer bullet bra still has the great features of a bullet bra, such as the torpedo shape, but provides that extra element of sexiness.  Just like other bras, the sheer bullet bra is made of sheer material through which the woman’s nipples are usually visible.

Whether you are a current bullet bra owner or not, I would highly recommend a sheer bullet bra for yourself and your partner!

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Vintage Bullet Bra

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When you are actually searching for a vintage bullet bra, two ideas come to mind.  The first is that you really want an antique, worn bullet bra.  The second is that you just want to see what a vintage bullet bra looks like.

Let us focus on the first.   If you are actually looking for a worn vintage bullet bra you may be in for quite the surprise when you receive it, if you can even find one.  The older bullet bras are worn out and will not usually give you that torpedo like look that a bullet bra would normally give.

Many people want the real thing and that is why they search for vintage bullet bras, but if you want the real look that a bullet bra gives, you may have to look at newer models.  There are companies today that make bullet bras that look just like a vintage bullet bra.

There is no need to buy a worn out item that won’t give you that voluptuous look.  If you compare any old time photo of a vintage bullet bra to one of today’s manufacturers of the bullet bra, you will find that they come quite close to the originals.

Just like anything vintage however, the newer bullet bras are not the original bullet bra but if it is the look you are going for the older bullet bra in most cases simply will not do.

Open Tip Bullet Bra – The Best

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The Open Tip Bullet Bra hails an earlier era while not engaging in 1950s innocence. It looks just like one of the bras that a poodle skirt-wearing woman may wear with one important difference: the open tip allows the nipples to peek out.

Open tip bullet bras come in a variety of colors and styles, as well as those bullet bra look whose retro looks blend with modern day sultriness. Open tip bullet bras work well under just about any top.

An open tip bullet bra has cups which cover the breasts, but have exposed holes around the nipples. These kinds of bullet bras do not give the underside of the breasts much support.  They are typically used by women who are looking for a more natural look, and a necessity to add to your sexual experience.

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If you like a little sneak peek with your lingerie, open tip bullet bra is a good option. They provide the wearer with a bit of a thrill each time they’re worn. Not only that, but in the bedroom, these bras offer something extra, something that your partner might not expect! Instead of your usual bra, imagine the reaction you’ll get when you unsheathe a bra that’s slightly more…revealing.

There is nothing more sexy when you take off your shirt in front of your partner to reveal that open tip bullet bra.  Many people wear a bullet bra for daily wear and then wear the open tip bullet bra for those special times.

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